Within the first week of buying my condo mold was discovered behind the kitchen cabinets. I was horrified. Being a fan of HGTV I was aware of my dilemma. Researching the subject I was aware there are a host of opinions and ideas regarding mold. Thankfully a friend of mine was informed on the subject since he had recently had mold removed at his home. He recommended I give Tim Radomski at Abatement Solutions a call since he was completely satisfied with the professional service he received from them.

Shortly after calling Tim, he performed a thorough evaluation of the affected area. Afterwards he explained the process he would use to remove the mold. He shared how mold grows and how it is eliminated. Tim patiently answered my questions and after the consultation my fears and dread decreased significantly Tim scheduled the mold removal in a timely manner which kept my condo remodel on schedule.

The service Abatement provided was excellent- I highly recommend them.

Phillip Morrow

Atlanta GA


“My clients used Abatement Solutions for mold removal and couldn’t be happier. They rescued us when the deal could have fallen through. Tim Radomski was professional and prompt in answering my phone call and delivered on the free consultation. My clients decided to use him because he charged half of his competitors price, for the same mold removal technique. His mold removal and remediation was excellent and he personally responded to any questions or concerns we had. I highly recommend!”

Veda Behfarshad

Atlanta Realtor


Abatement Solutions did a thorough job of removing the mold in my crawl space. I have peace of mind now that the mold will not return and it’s even backed up with a warranty. I recently recommended Abatement solutions to a friend.

Ben McCollum

Chamblee GA



As you know, I previously had “mold remediation” work done on my home. I was startled just 4 months later to find more mold, especially having small children in the home. I called the company who did the remediation and he basically told me it was no problem unless my family begins getting sick from it. I could not believe what I was hearing. It was at that point I contacted your company and you came out and thoroughly explained the problem as well as the process. I wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did on the mold remediation at my home and I will be recommending you to my customers as well!

Craig Chandler

Chandler Insurance Group, Inc.


Thanks so much for all of your help! You’ve been great to deal with! Will let our freinds know.

C Beyers

Lawranceville GA