The Benefits of Hiring a Full-Service Mold Removal Company for Your Atlanta, GA, Home or Business

Mold Removal Atlanta GAChances are, you didn’t plan on needing mold removal services for your home or business Atlanta, Georgia, so you likely don’t know who to call now that you’ve noticed signs of mold growth. As you determine who you want to entrust with this important work, make sure to seek out a full-service mold removal specialist, someone who can handle all aspects of the work needed to return your home or business to its pre-mold condition. That way, instead of hiring a separate mold inspector to find the mold, a mold removal company to kill the mold, and a contractor to rebuild the parts of the building that the mold damaged, you can ensure a comprehensive solution to your mold problem with a single phone call.

For home and business owners in Atlanta, GA, the full-service mold removal company to call is Abatement Solutions, Inc. We’ll effectively and promptly perform all of the work needed to rid your house or commercial building of mold and prevent it from returning. Throughout this process, you’ll have objective proof of the effectiveness of our work. This begins during the mold inspection, when, unless we find clear visual indications of mold growth, we’ll have a third-party inspector test air samples to detect hazardous levels of mold. Then, if we treat an indoor area of your home or business that people occupy, we’ll have an independent lab test air samples in the space after we’ve finished our mold removal work, and we guarantee that they’ll provide you with confirmation, in writing, that we’ve eliminated the mold. As a full-service mold removal specialist, we’ll also apply a preventative treatment to unfinished surfaces in your home or business in Atlanta, GA, to prevent the mold from returning, and we stand behind this service with a strong 10-year warranty. We’ll also rebuild any drywall, baseboards, and other parts of your home that the mold destroyed, restoring the space to its original condition. For a comprehensive solution to your mold problem, contact Abatement Solutions today.