Mold Testing for $325

Includes two samples (outside/control & inside desired area) Extra samples are additional $75 each. Visual inspection, Air Quality Test, Lab Results, and Recommendation Letter included. Call now to schedule! (678) 596-3749

Mold InspectionA mold inspection performed by Abatement Solutions Inc. will let you know definitively whether you have a mold problem in your Atlanta, GA, home or business. If you’ve noticed a moldy smell, seen black spotting on various surfaces, recently had a water leak, or there’s simply a high level of humidity in your building, you can call on our expert staff to determine the full extent of any mold growth and how it may be affecting your property. Our mold inspection experts have worked in all aspects of mold remediation, so you can trust us to provide an accurate assessment and quote an honest price on what it will take to solve your infestation. Abatement Solutions Inc. can use the following methods to determine whether you have a mold problem in your Atlanta, GA, home or business:

  • Visual mold inspection – Having identified mold for years, our expert mold inspection staff knows all of the telltale signs of mold growth and will thoroughly scour your home or business for clues of contamination. During the mold inspection, these experts will carefully evaluate your mold problem, if you have one, so that we can determine the most effective course of action in remediating it.
  • Independent air testing – For potential mold problems that won’t be readily apparent in a mold inspection, you’ll want to have the air inside of your home or business tested, so that you can know for sure whether the environment is safe. Abatement Solutions Inc. can provide independent air testing by taking air samples and taking them to EMSL Analytical Inc. for testing and analysis. The cost is $325 for two air samples, analysis and lab report.

If the visual mold inspection or air test results show that you do have a mold problem, Abatement Solutions Inc. can remediate the contamination and ensure it won’t come back. We’ll extract any water that’s facilitating the growth of mold, contain the mold contamination, clean and remove the mold, and treat the area with a powerful EPA-registered fungicide, which will put an end to your mold problem. Afterward, we guarantee an independent testing by EMSL Analytical will certify that mold levels in your property are safely within the industry standards. After removing any mold growth that was found during the mold inspection, we can also repair the mold-impacted surfaces in your building to restore it back to its original condition. And, we can apply a preventative coating to the surfaces in your building that are at the highest risk of mold growth, so you won’t need to deal with additional mold problems in the future. Contact Abatement Solutions Inc. today for a mold inspection that can identify whether your Atlanta, GA, home or business requires any type of mold remediation.