Need Black Mold Removal Services for Your Atlanta, GA, Home or Business? Here’s What to Expect

Black Mold Removal Atlanta GAIf you suspect that you need black mold removal services for your home or business in the Atlanta, Georgia, area, seek out a qualified mold remediation professional right away. Black mold has a notorious reputation, and for good reason. It can cause more severe health problems than other types of mold, especially for children, the elderly, and people with weak immune systems. Unfortunately, the type of black mold that will grow on surfaces indoors, called Stachybotrys chartarum, will feed on a wide range of common materials used in residential and commercial properties, including drywall, ceiling tiles, and carpets made of natural fibers. Like any type of mold, it requires moisture to grow, so it exists most commonly on properties that have experienced some sort of flooding or water leak. However, here in the Atlanta, GA, area, the high humidity alone can provide enough moisture for Stachybotrys chartarum to thrive, which explains the relatively high level of local demand for black mold removal services.

To address the potential black mold contamination on your property, first hire a reputable mold inspector to assess the situation. They will determine the location and extent of the black mold growth, and if they also offer mold remediation services, they will propose a plan of action to fully eliminate the mold and prevent it from returning. Black mold removal equipment such as containment barriers, air scrubbers, water extractors, disinfectants, and preventative spray coatings will aid them in the mold remediation process. If the company treats an inhabited area in your home or business, make sure they have an independent third party test the air after they’ve finished to prove that they’ve completely removed the mold problem.

If you require black mold removal services in the Atlanta, GA, area, you can rely on “the mold removal experts!” at Abatement Solutions to handle all aspects of the work needed to make your property a safe environment once again. Unlike many companies that offer mold treatment services in addition to their main line of work, our certified mold remediation professionals specialize in mold remediation, which means we have a greater depth of knowledge than many other firms. To learn what makes us the black mold removal company of choice for a wide range of area realtors, residential and commercial property owners, and landlords, contact Abatement Solutions today.