Restoration Services & Mold Removal & Prevention from Atlanta, Georgia

Mold is a dangerous problem. Take care of it with professional restoration, mold removal, and mold prevention services from Abatement Solutions Inc in Alpharetta, Georgia.

53001842Restoration Services

Before a mold remediation or removal takes place, we perform restoration services to remove any water that may have caused the mold and take measures to ensure that the area stays dry. After all the water is cleaned out, we begin remediation, removal, and prevention.

Mold Removal

As certified mold removal contractors, we know how to get rid of mold so it does not damage your home, business, or health. When you have a mold problem, we physically remove it from wherever it is, including basements, attics, and crawl spaces, using revolutionary and effective removal techniques.

Mold Prevention

After mold remediation and removal is complete, we apply a protective coating on porous materials that prevents future mold growth, and we also ensure that there is no water or high humidity. It is important to have a dehumidifier, because areas with high humidity promote mold growth that could cause health issues. When areas like this are not treated properly, they become a bigger problem than the first time, and our goal is to prevent the mold from growing back.

Abatement Solutions is the premier residential mold remediation company in Atlanta, specializing in the removal of mold in basements, crawlspaces and attics. Abatement Solutions uses the newest revolutionary products and technique that provide superior mold remediation and warranted prevention.

We use Fiberlock Technologies products for our exclusive “Three Step Process”.


1) The first step is the application of the IAQ – Advanced Peroxide Cleaner (APC). APC is the most advanced cleaner available for mold remediation utilizing a proprietary combination of cutting-edge surfactants and advanced hydrogen peroxide to penetrate deep into the substrate. The hydrogen peroxide reacts instantly through the oxidation process that produces high foaming action which lifts the material to the surface. After a layer of foam has developed the surface will agitated (Brushed, sand, scrape) to assist in removing heavy matter.

2) The second Step is the application of the SHOCKWAVE – Disinfectant. Shockwave is a hospital grade EPA registered disinfectant, sanitizer, fungicide, virucide, bactericide cleaner for use on porous and nonporous surfaces and is EPA-registered with over 140 kill claims. Through the best efforts of any remediation process it is impossible to know if every microscopic mold spore has been removed with this process we can kill the mold and disinfect the surface to prepare it for coating.

3) The third and most important step is the application of the IAQ-6000 (Clear) or 6100 (white). The 6100 mold resistant coating was developed to withstand moist, humid conditions that are ideal for mold growth. Fiberlock IAQ 6100 is an extremely durable 100% acrylic coating with excellent mold resistance. IAQ 6100 contains an EPA-registered, broad-spectrum fungicide to prevent the growth of mold on the surface of the cured film. Additional, its smooth finish minimizes dirt buildup that provides nutrients for mold growth.