Beware! – Attention! – Caution!

Do not hire a remediation company that does their own testing or hire a mold inspector that does remediation. It is not illegal but is highly unethical for a company to take air samples and then tell a customer that they have a serious mold problem when the levels are elevated but not a risk to your health. Some companies will also do their own post testing and issue themselves a clearance letter.

Here at Abatement Solutions Inc we are certified to do mold testing but choose not to because we consider it a conflict of interest. We are a certified Mold Remediation contractor (we take care of your mold problem) and we guarantee a clearance letter from a third party mold inspector!

If you think you may have a mold problem but are not sure, maybe you can’t see any mold but have a smell or someone is always sick you should hire a certified mold inspector. We recommend the following independent (does testing only) certified mold inspectors.

Scott Zaeske
All Stucco and Mold Inspections, Inc.
Kip McCullough
Atlanta Mold Testing
Richard Johnson
Air Allergen & Mold Testing